NTT Technical Review

(Vol.2 No.5 May 2004)


■Laboratory Group Strategies
Aiming at Global Communications in the Future (P.2)
Kazuyoshi Tateishi, Executive Director of NTT Information Sharing Laboratory Group

■Laboratory Strategies
Technology and Service Developments in the New Communication Age (P.3)
Hiroshi Miyabe, Director of NTT Service Integration Laboratories

■R&D Spirits
Development of HDTV Codec LSIs: Bringing High-definition Video into Our Lives (P.6)
Ryota Kasai

■Special Feature: P2P Technologies and Related Services
P2P: The Concept and Its Future Potential (P.12)
Takashige Hoshiai

Applications of SIONet, an Advanced P2P Platform (P.18)
Hiroyuki Nakamura, Hiroaki Matsumura, Yoshiki Shimotsuma, and Takashige Hoshiai

Survey of the State of P2P File Sharing Applications (P.24)
Keita Ooi, Satoshi Kamei, and Tatsuya Mori

■Regular Papers
Technology for Flexibly Monitoring Optical Signal Quality in Optical Communications (P29)
Ippei Shake, Hidehiho Takara, and Satoki Kawanishi

Simplifying the Construction and Operation of Smart Card Systems: NICE V4.1 (P.35)
Yoshiki Ito, Masashi Tanaka, Junko Hashimoto, Kenji Murai, Koji Kishi, Shinichi Hirata, Takahiro Yamamoto, and Sei Ijuin

■Global Standardization Activities
Activities of Wi-Fi Alliance to Promote Interoperability of Wireless LANs (P.40)
Takeo Ichikawa, Yasuyoshi Kojima, and Tetsu Sakata

R&D Information
OCN Introduces ENCORE Inter-AS Diagnostic System Targeting the Constraction of an Internet Environment with Outstanding Stability (P.44)

Field Assembly of Optical Connectors (P.45)

External Awards/Papers Published in Technical Journals and Conferences (P.46)